Unpublished 'ibles.

So after having been off for a long time and finally having pinpointed the neighbours wifi router, sans cantenna (it helped signal but because there's cars passing by made it cut out far easier) I've been on and digging around, immediately I wrote and published a couple of 'ibles I already had made, now I'm rooting around in my unpublished 'ibles... I have 39 of them, many are confusing and worrying, in various stages of writing and the answers to a lot of the burning questions, subjects are wildly varied and questionable at best, there's one that's even ready to publish, however I'm not sure about it, nothing wrong it's just I'll have to listen to a plethora of comments that will annoy me in extremis, points to anyone who guesses it... Anyway... how about you lot? Many unpublished 'ibles, are many ever likely to be publishable?

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Kiteman4 years ago
Hmm... I have 167 drafts at the moment, but many, many of them are just one-line ideas that may never prove practical or possible to publish.
Kiteman Kiteman2 years ago

Just looked again, since the thread got bumped: it's now 204...

I have about ten unfinished Instructables, some almost done and some just a collection of notes and photos. For the last couple of years our computer has been so old and clunky that I didn't try to do anything recreational online. We just got a new computer and I got new eyes and new glasses two months ago, so that brings the enjoyment back.

starforest2 years ago

I very rarely start a Instructable without finishing and publishing it. I don't start one on some random idea and not finish it.

Same here... :)

mikeasaurus4 years ago
I've grouped some of mine into collections that I've shared:
crazyg4 years ago
i only start typing when iv got something, i publish as soon as iv got text for each step then spend about a week of so editing.
I have one, but it prolly won't be published.
i have 3
=SMART=8 years ago
I have one that will be published on the 20th of July
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