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please let me unsubscribe from instructables!
thank you

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RebecaD31 year ago

please cancel my suscription to this site and cancel the two charges you made on my credit card ending on 0024 visa my name is Rebeca Dominguez

It's not a good idea to publish personal info in a public forum. Email service@Instructables.com and they'll sorry it out for you.

Not what I thought this was.

OK, silly question, but what did you think it was?

KE2V1 year ago

I also want to unsubscribe, but from the "Pro" version. I don't think it is worth $60 per year, and I oject to the automatic quarterly billing. Iwen to "settings" and tried to turn off Pay Pal payment, but the page shows that auto payment is still active!

So, how do I unsubscrtibe?

I would prefer a refund, but I wouild let that go as a reminder to REALLY carefully reand and undewrstand all options before I "click,"



If you send an email to service@instructables.com a member of our support team will be able to help you with your Pro Membership.

Troy (tomatoskins) Community Manager

LoneWolf7 years ago
Why in the world would you want to do that?
Doctor What7 years ago
 This reminds me of an awesome site:


If you're in the "I hate my social networks" frame of mind, you should check it out!
Kiteman7 years ago
No need.

Your membership is free, so maintaining your membership costs nothing.

Plus, if you keep on picking up the newsletter emails, you might see something you'd like to do.  We do get knitting projects, after all.

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