Unusual Cupcake Icings?

I was just wondering if there was any unusual cupcake icings I could make as my cupcakes are a bit boring- buttercream, 'water icing' etc.
So if you have any ideas can you let me know!

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Triclaw3 years ago

I have used mashed potatoes to mess with the kids sneaking the cupcakes while im setting up other trays of cupcakes . little weird but not bad

LynneB4 years ago
Have you tried çoffee icing? That is super divine on 'not so sweet' chocolate cake! Yummy
TeganJovanka (author) 4 years ago
Water icing (i'm not sure it's the proper name) is where you mix 2 tbsp of icing sugar to 1 tbsp of cold water to make a basic icing! Wow thanks for all the ideas for cupcake toppings :) I will try some out soon! :D
I have never heard of water icing! Could you explain it?
You could dip the cupcakes in chocolate ganache, top them with a cooked meringue and then use a blow-torch to give them that lemon-meringue-pie top, pipe them with your usual buttercream then roll them in chopped nuts, crushed cookies, sprinkles, etc. If you're looking for unusual *flavours*, well... I've found just about anything can be incorporated into buttercream somehow!