Unusually extatic N64 kid

Watch these great videos... they're great!

(I think he likes his N64!)

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Bartboy8 years ago
Umm, if he know about n 64, then yeah, those are kind of old, not to mention it RULES! I have a wii and an snes but I love my n64 WAY more.
The Jamalam (author)  Bartboy8 years ago
i have a wii... they are good too
ditto, do you have a special one? that means its from november 19th when it came out
Firebert0108 years ago
This is as old as the internet.
so are u
bumpus alfpwns8 years ago
Wow, good comeback, how will Firebert010 ever recover from that.. :P
alfpwns bumpus8 years ago
dudh dut
[High fives] lol
Stuuupid [ ] things I meant to high five you lol.
The Jamalam (author)  Firebert0108 years ago
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