Upcoming: Klutz Rubber Band-Powered Contest

Coming soon, a new contest where every entry is powered by rubber bands, it's the Klutz Rubber Band-Powered Contest! The rubber bands can be twisted or stretched, alone or in combination. Just remember that no weapons are allowed. We're doing this to have fun, not hurt others so let's see the creativity fly!

We mean that flying part literally. There are prizes for any type of creation, but there will also be a special prize for the best flying contraption.

To encourage more people to enter, and to make the entries more easily reproducible, we want to see Instructables that use materials that are cheap and easy to find and have the whole thing be something that can be done in an afternoon or an evening.

More details will be coming soon, but that should be enough to get you going for now. So get your rubber bands ready!

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Bartboy8 years ago
YEAH!!!! I am almost finished my project. With one elastic it goes 50 feet. ; )
=SMART= Bartboy8 years ago
its not a weapon/knex gun is it? because their not allowed in the contest..
Bartboy =SMART=8 years ago
Not a weapon.
=SMART= Bartboy8 years ago
theres going to be so many knex entries lolol
eww ?
Eww, k'nex.
eww, a Knex hater.
Be nice! *points at "be nice" comment policy* Knex is a great kit of parts.
I think knex needs a major image makeover on here. Many people make way cooler stuff than everyone thinks! I should post slideshows of some of the amusement park rides, planes, ships, and buildings my little brothers have made out of knex. It really is unfair to trash them based on the gun ibles.
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