Upcoming K'nex Challenge!

Hey K’nexers,

Some of you may have noticed various Weekly Challenges that have been occurring over the last few months. These quick-fire challenges are aimed at challenging the community to complete a task based around a specific theme, like headphones or nachos, now it's your turn...

In previous contests the K'nex community has been ignored...nay, abandoned! It's time to show everyone how you guys roll!

I will be hosting 2 K’nex Challenges:
  1. K’nex Guns

  2. K’nex Projects ( no rubber bands/guns)
    Ball machines / roller coasters / cranes / cars / armour, etc.
    No rubber bands or k'nex guns in any of the pictures or even mentioned in the description. Seriously.
You can enter both contests, but absolutely no guns allowed in the 'K'nex Projects' challenge.
Challenge yourself to meet either of these 2 contest criteria.

The projects that are going to win the top prizes are ones that are original, creative and have amazing pictures. Since making awesome K'nex projects takes time each of these Weekly Play Challenge will be 2 weeks, this forum posting is to give you guys a heads-up. Both contests start next week.

I want the K'nex crew to smash the previous Weekly Challenges, break 100+ projects and be the first to win top prize for these quick-fire challenges. Please wait until the contest launches to post your entries.

K'nex challenges start next week, good luck!
Both Challenges are now LIVE!
K'nex Challenge is now over.

Good luck!

Picture of Upcoming K'nex Challenge!
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mikeasaurus (author) 6 years ago
stryker36 years ago
For the Knex gun challenge, does it have to shoot? and, if I enter a project into the Knex gun challenge, will people still be able to view it on Instructables?
Riku reborn6 years ago
I've got an idea for the non-gun challenge, but it would use some rubber bands for cushioning. Would that be allowed?
mikeasaurus (author)  Riku reborn6 years ago
No, there are no rubber bands permitted in the K'nex Projects Challenge, only the K'nex Guns Challenge.
Wait... if there are rubber bands, we post in the K'nex Guns Challenge?
Just a question, what if you made a gadget that requires a rubber band to work, such as a safe or lock? Would that be allowed in the project competition?
mikeasaurus (author)  TheFoofinator6 years ago
Nope, the challenge in this Weekly Challenge is to meet the criteria. In this case a k'nex project (which is not a gun) and contains no elastic bands whatsoever.

Good luck!
Just clearing it up. I thought that you banned elastics to make sure no-one bends the rules and posts a gun in the projects section. Which would have seemed kind of harsh to people who wanted to use elastics, but now I see.
the circular ball machine has practically become an instructables meme eh?
I'd say so :D
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