Upcoming Lion Brand Summer Yarns Contest

Summer isn't typically the time we think about taking up needles and wool, but the availability of light-weight and gossamer yarns these days, it's the perfect time to whip up some new projects.

We're teaming up with our friends from Lion Brand to bring you the Summer Yarns Contest!

Show off your lace techniques, craft up new totebags, make some summer shawls or sundresses. Think beach, bbq, and long, hot days, and get your needles, hooks and looms ready to go.  We'll be launching this one soon!

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Damn you guys keep throwing contests at us :D 3 are still open and the dadandme one starting soon to (any confirmation on date yet) and now this one opens to... You guys really make me spend my vacation in my basement building stuff and behind my computer writing the ibles :p
scoochmaroo (author)  MichelMoermans7 years ago
Get your knitting needles and take them outside! :)
Robot Lover7 years ago
I want a contest built for a man! Make tonight a manwhich night! 
i agree with this dude, i havent seen one guy focused instructables. 3 words, men dont knitt.
I knit, thank you very much.  And I'm looking forward to the contest!
Russell Crowe knits!!
that makes you creepy.
No, it just means he has some "balls"....of yarn.
Two names to start with: Franklin Habit and Jared Flood. They're men. They knit.
Also Kaffe Fassett http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kaffe_Fassett
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