Scrapped M4

This is an M4 that I am working on. Sorry guys, I scrapped my old M870 RBG Shotgun for parts, but If I can, I will try to make this one shoot rubberbands, however, the main feature will be the realism (if pieces of plastic connected together in the shape of an M4 can be considered realistic). Some of the features will include an adjustable stock (the first of its kind), a removable magazine (shown in the first video, along with the stock), Adjustable sights* (maybe), open ejection port (where the shells come out on a real gun), a charging handle, that when pulled, will pull the bolt back, opening up the ejection port*, and if possible, I will make it so that a 30-06 shell will pop out of the open ejection port. I will hopefully be posting more movies showing the other features as I add them to the gun. Hope you enjoy!

*Not made yet.


Picture of Scrapped M4
M16A4 002.jpg
M16A4 003.jpg
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Dutchj10 years ago
this look pretty cool. But I don't really get how you're going to get that magazine to be other then cosmetic. ( If you're going to try that ofcourse, it just seems impossible to me. ) It does look cool though. Only the stock can't be adjusted much.
Whaleman (author)  Dutchj10 years ago
Yeah, but at least it is the first adjustable stock out of knex!
gotja Whaleman10 years ago
is the mag acutaly have knex bullets or is it just a mag for show
Whaleman (author)  gotja10 years ago
It is cosmetic.
I think it could be possible to make a curved mag-but the knex pieces not having rims may become a problem when it comes to alignment.
yeah. I have been trying almost ever since I started knex guns to make a curved or drum magazine, with no success.
Me too, it is a problem because it is so hard to curve pieces and then secure them evenly.
yes, and then there is the little bump caused by using connectors.
Yep :(
but if we put spacers on the rods......
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