Scrapped M4

This is an M4 that I am working on. Sorry guys, I scrapped my old M870 RBG Shotgun for parts, but If I can, I will try to make this one shoot rubberbands, however, the main feature will be the realism (if pieces of plastic connected together in the shape of an M4 can be considered realistic). Some of the features will include an adjustable stock (the first of its kind), a removable magazine (shown in the first video, along with the stock), Adjustable sights* (maybe), open ejection port (where the shells come out on a real gun), a charging handle, that when pulled, will pull the bolt back, opening up the ejection port*, and if possible, I will make it so that a 30-06 shell will pop out of the open ejection port. I will hopefully be posting more movies showing the other features as I add them to the gun. Hope you enjoy!

*Not made yet.


Picture of Scrapped M4
M16A4 002.jpg
M16A4 003.jpg
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Dutchj8 years ago
this look pretty cool. But I don't really get how you're going to get that magazine to be other then cosmetic. ( If you're going to try that ofcourse, it just seems impossible to me. ) It does look cool though. Only the stock can't be adjusted much.
Whaleman (author)  Dutchj8 years ago
Yeah, but at least it is the first adjustable stock out of knex!
gotja Whaleman8 years ago
is the mag acutaly have knex bullets or is it just a mag for show
Whaleman (author)  gotja8 years ago
It is cosmetic.
I think it could be possible to make a curved mag-but the knex pieces not having rims may become a problem when it comes to alignment.
yeah. I have been trying almost ever since I started knex guns to make a curved or drum magazine, with no success.
Me too, it is a problem because it is so hard to curve pieces and then secure them evenly.
yes, and then there is the little bump caused by using connectors.
Yep :(
but if we put spacers on the rods......
Aha!! You are on to something there- oh spacers are bigger in diameter than 1 knex unit (i am counting 1 unit as the thickness of a connector) so that could be a problem with the mag.
then add a spacer to the thickness of the mag
don't necro
say that again (in English please)
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how does that relate to my other comment? What do you mean?
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At last, someone else has realised how annoying this is. Oops, I'm necroing.
he had something useful to add.
yeah, but it might work......
I made 1 but the bullets wobbled around in it because real curved magazines are curved because their bullets have rims around the cartridge case for the bolt and extractor to drab on to.
Yeah, they can hold more rounds that way.
But knex rods aren't rimmed.
I know, on the real ones I mean, the front of the round is not as thick as the back of the round, a curved mag would fit more rounds than a strait one
Yes I know but unfortunately we don't have bullet-shaped knex. :(
i know that this is an old comment, but to make it space out evenly in a curved mag, you could put those single clip grey connectors. Just a suggestion
Unless we used a lathe........ (goes to ebay to buy a lathe) What the hell! $200!
:S :( x(
:S :( x( indeed.
i have an idea for a drum mag, make it like a GIANT revolver wheel, except it clips on or something.
but that wouldnt be like a drum mag that might fit on a m16
I JUST HAD A BRAIN FART! Make it like a hopper, that goes on the top, then design it to look like its hanging off the bottom, eh, eh?
But then you would need bands in the hopper because gravity would be pushing it away from the gun.
no, i mean, make the hopper on the top, make sure its not too noticable, than add extra designs to make it LOOK like it is on the bottom. hopper is on top, design is on bottom. there both connected, but the ammo is seperated useing a wall
oh, im not really into all the different types of guns, can you show me what a m16 looks like?
that could (the spacers) be like a shell ejectiong kinda ill be hard but that be prity cool like a shell
hey can you take a picture of the internals of the stock
Whaleman (author)  silentassasin218 years ago
Sorry, I scrapped it awhile back.
Mintyhippo8 years ago
UUGGGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHH!!!!!! My idea's are always already done! =( I was working on a slide too and everything. Can you at least give me the link to loosewire's gun to see how he did it?
Whaleman (author)  Mintyhippo8 years ago
Just go to his orangeboard, it is in one of his forums.
Mintyhippo8 years ago
I don't like RBGs that much. I think Knex shooters are much more fun to build and play with. By the way, to post, or not to post, it is the first pistol with the magazine in the handle. I am still working on a true trigger.
Whaleman (author)  Mintyhippo8 years ago
Maybe, I don't really care if you post or not. Loosewire already made a mag in the handle of a slide-action pistol, so it isn't new.
please make it a rod firing 1..... clever enough to
look at the m16 im working on
Photo 1.jpgPhoto 2.jpg
gunmanx8 years ago
hmmmm first curved mag duz it work
Whaleman (author)  gunmanx8 years ago
The gun doesn't work
Mepain8 years ago
Is it done yet? lol
Whaleman (author)  Mepain8 years ago
sorry, I scrapped it for an M24, with many of the same features.
Dutchj Whaleman8 years ago
You scrap way to many awesome guns :P Even though this was more of a showcase gun, it was still pretty cool.
Whaleman (author)  Dutchj8 years ago
Yeah, but the M24, will hope fully have an open Ejection Port, and will be really close to an actual bolt-action.
buterSBob298 years ago
mag dont look to sturdy
T-man8 years ago
THE VID DOES NOT WORK and the gun looks dum
Whaleman (author)  T-man8 years ago
Hence "The gun so far as of 10/13" And the vid is really large, so it will take awhile to load.
Whaleman (author)  Whaleman8 years ago
Doesn't look so "dum" now that I added another pic of the basic shape it will be when it is done.
It is because his gun is crap.
calm down duude, its clearly not finished yet and he's just showing us how it's going so far, at least it looks like a new concept!
killerk28 years ago
if it doesnt shoot, dont post
"I will try to make this one shoot rubberbands, however, the main feature will be the realism " there ya go
still, y waste so many peices for something that doesnt shoot
alecgates158 years ago
Amazing. Darn you scrapped the shotgun but at least it was for a good cause :)
HBF alecgates158 years ago
what shotgun
alecgates15 HBF8 years ago
HBF alecgates158 years ago
Oh, I remember that. But. How is this getting on?
Whaleman (author)  alecgates158 years ago
Wow! It is looking good! I have been trying to make an adjustable stock too but I failed dramatically and i have been working on ejecting shells too -although mine had another magazine.
Sweet! My attempt at an adjustable stock isn't very good, but it is better than no adjustable stock at all. Wow, it has been a long time since you were last on.
Yeah, I have been having problems with my internet connection.
alecgates158 years ago
So how are things coming along. If you need any help I'm here.
adamsdead8 years ago
Whaleman (author)  adamsdead8 years ago
Why no please?
Vynash8 years ago
i cant wait for this awsome gun i hope its good
Danny8 years ago
looks a lot like a m4 carbine
Whaleman (author)  Danny8 years ago
Yeah, that is what it is. It is an M16 A4, Also an M4 I believe, I may be wrong.
Mepain8 years ago
alecgates158 years ago
Is it me or is there something wrong with the red/grey connector in picture 3?
Whaleman (author)  alecgates158 years ago
how so? And which one?
Southwest of the text box. It looks like one solid piece
My bad picture 2 :(
Whaleman (author)  alecgates158 years ago
It has some tape on it.
oh of course
HBF8 years ago
Very nice. I hope the mag will hold rods.
Whaleman (author)  HBF8 years ago
Neo18 years ago
does the clip work?
Whaleman (author)  Neo18 years ago
It could probably modified to hold knex rods, but the gun doesn't shoot anything, but if I can, I will try to make it shoot
that would just be a added bonus, if you don't do it then when it's posted someone...
(thinks of himself)
... will!
Whaleman (author)  Mr Tenacious8 years ago
um, yay?
nice, it all looks pretty complicated, hopefully you will get it all to work well.
Whaleman (author)  Mr Tenacious8 years ago
yay! thanks.