Upcoming Sugru Contest Giveaways

We have no more Sugru to give out.
Thank you everyone who requested some
I'm looking forward to seeing all of your projects!


We've been spending some time recently chatting with the great people over at Sugru, trying to figure out a good contest to run.  However, in talking it over with them, we have come to realize that if we launch a Sugru contest, everyone would have to buy Sugru in order to enter it.  No one was fans of this idea, and so we came up with am alternate plan. Before running the contest, they would ship us a box full of Sugru Smart Hacks Super Packs for us to send out to selected authors.

We've already given out these packs to a number of authors as a way of saying thank you for the amazing projects they've submitted, but we still have some left.  So, here's where you come in!  We want to offer these to anyone who wants to create a project using this awesome material!

This is first come, first serve.  We have under thirty packs to give out, so they might go quick.  I'll update this post if and when supplies start running out or are gone.

Our only request of you is that you use what we send you to make something awesome and enter that something awesome into the Sugru contest when it finally does launch.  Of course, entering the contest will also make you eligible for a number of other prizes.

So let me know in the comments if you would like one, and I'll send you a prize notification that you'll need to fill out.  Best of luck, and happy creating!

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If you have any sugru related questions go here, it's got answers to loads of common ones and you can ask them if there isn't one for yours. 

I've stickied this comment, I'll remove that if you need stump, been using that page to find out more about sugru...
h0p3r7 years ago
Could I have some too :D?
dombeef7 years ago
Am i too late?The below comments says that there is some people that didn't check out
 would love some though
dombeef dombeef7 years ago
StumpChunkman (author)  dombeef7 years ago
No, sorry...they've all been shipped out.
Ok, thanks
havi137 years ago
I would love a sample. Is it too late? (please say its not)
Hiyadudez7 years ago
Awwwwww man. I was really looking forward to getting some. Guess im too late =(
brunoip7 years ago
too late :(
StumpChunkman (author)  brunoip7 years ago
Only kind of...some people didn't check out...

...which means there's a possibility of a second chance. (you should check your pm's)
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