Upcoming contest for teachers

Remember how there's a new channel for explicitly educational content? That's not all we're doing for teachers. We will also be running a contest specifically for educators*, so fire up those school-provided laptops and start thinking about some awesome projects you might be able to share with the Instructables community.

If you'd like to win a MacBook Air, a class set of Instructables pro memberships, and other unnamed secret prizes, you just need to enter an academic Instructable or guide. We'd love to have anything academic, from elementary school art projects like construction paper masks to a university-level electrophoresis demonstration. 

In this contest, we will also be accepting guides for the first time along with the usual step-by-step, photo, and video fare. Curate a collection of teaching projects by subject, age level, or some other unifying trait. (Kind of like https://www.instructables.com/id/Made-in-Your-Mind-Instructables-The-Childrens-/) Hold off on posting until...

Contest starts December 4th. 

*Just because you don't have a .edu email address doesn't mean you won't have something to contribute. If you can teach something (factoring, researching a thesis, throwing a pot, or modifying shutter speeds for low-light situations, whatever), we want you to share it.

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susanrm6 years ago
Feel free to post my math journal -ible to promote this contest! I will be sure to enter. :-)
Goodhart6 years ago
Would "old world" skills be acceptable? I, at one time, did a bit of blacksmithing...and I could post a bit on that, but I don't have most of my tools anymore
If it's something you could teach to groups, I'd give it a go.
I'll have to get really creative, since I don't even have an anvil anymore *sigh*
Maybe your anvil substitute could be the instructable?
wilgubeast (author)  Kiteman6 years ago
@Goodhart: Channel your inner metal shop teacher and go for it. I will have a chat with the person in charge of shepherding new entries into the contest to ensure that he accepts DIY anvils and other old world skills. (Provided the project includes a learning objective, your entry will be welcomed with open arms.)

I will have to see. Things are still very "funny" around here (where I live) and so I don't always have the time nor the resources...but I thought I'd check in the unlikely event that I do :-)
Kiteman6 years ago

Are songs allowed?
wilgubeast (author)  Kiteman6 years ago

Educational ones. No Stairway. :-D

(A mnemonic or something would be perfect.)