Upcoming wood working contest!

We've teamed up with Popular Mechanics to bring you a woodworking contest!

Any form of woodworking is eligible. You can use classic hand tools, power tools or even your granddad's whittlin knife to build something tiny or the size of a house. Share your woodworking project, and explain why and how you made it so others can learn from your experience, and marvel at your awesomeness. 

Contest details soon!

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Culturespy (author) 7 years ago
Just confirmed the contest closes on October 3
BrittLiv7 years ago
Hi, I've got a question, when does the contest really end? In the mail it says: "The contest closes on Sep 12, 2010" and on the contest side it says: "Contest closes Oct. 3. Enter now!" Thanks a lot
Culturespy (author)  BrittLiv7 years ago
That's a good question. I'll get right on that. Thanks for letting us know.
bombmaker27 years ago
Any word on contest details yet?
Kiteman7 years ago

I know a youngling with a knife and a recent interest in whittling...
Culturespy (author) 7 years ago
Just confirmed, this one is definitely open to international entries!
Awesome! :D
vcoulson37 years ago
Let us know when this happens!!! We've got a great one!!!
bombmaker27 years ago
Sweet! I can't wait for the details. I already got three good ideas.
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