Update any android device from İCS to JellyBean, KitKat, Lollipop?

İ run a Samsung Galaxy S Duos (the most dissapointing phone ever) 
And i am dying to move from  ice cream sandwich.


Don't bother "upgrading" to Lollipop.

I tried it now on my Nexus 7 and my Galaxy S4 - on both I have now more problems than fun.

Things to consider for Lillipop:

Charging is slow, on both of my devices instead of the max 1.8A they now only charge at 620-650mA - not even enough to charge while playing games.

Lollipop uses ART instead of the old system, this means some programs will simply no longer work, for exa cheat programs.

Together with ART comes the problem of your backup, you can not restore a Kitkat backup onto Lillipop, you have to install the programs fresh.

If you want to check some never Roms for your device I suggest to visit the tech guru's at XDA:


IMHO the best place to start as you get the support of the community and not just an annonymous download with no additional information at all on how to do it properly.

Before you start anything do some reading on the matter especially on how to make an EFS and Nandroid backup so you won't screw your phone.