Upgraded a 12vac to 24vac z-wave thermostat for A/C unit also adding transformer???

I decided to install a Z-wave Thermostat after an old ordinary one failed to work, It worked fine with home automation and all, apart from it being 24vac thermostat but receiving only 12vac from the motherboard (I was forced to change the batteries every 3 months),
To make life easier (and not have to change batteries) I ended up doing  the stupid thing tying to Upgrade from 12vac to 24vac adding a transformer, it worked fine for the first 5 mins and then stopped, it was then that I realised I may have overloaded the mother board,
My question is, is there a quick fix for this? or do I have to replace the whole motherboard?, if so which one?

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iceng1 month ago

Unless you can find a visible single damaged item like a burned resistor.

Otherwise the damage is hidden and probably needs a board replacement...

But this may be the time to get a better thermostat that does not need the keep alive batteries more then every other year..

BozS1 (author)  iceng1 month ago
The thermostat is new but runs on 24 vac and works well with home automation (the batteries are supposed to be just a back up) it's the mother board that would need replacing before I put the 24 vac transformer on it was only putting out 10 volts according to the multi meter, Could you possibly point me in the right direction where I could find a replacement mother board? preferably for a 24 vac thermostat so I can continue controlling via home automation?
iceng BozS11 month ago

No idea where you live ?

BozS1 (author)  iceng1 month ago

Gold Coast, AU

If the thermostat is only for switching something on and off then check Middies.
They are a wholeseller for electrical stuff here in VIC but I think they operate AU wide.
For a few years now they also offer home automation stuff, mainly for the builders of new houses.
I am quite confident these guys can help you to find what you need or at least point you to some company in your area that does that stuff.
The other option of course would be to go through your existing home automation system.
Usually you can get thermometers and thermostats for them too.
And even if the output might not be rated to switch an AC on you can always add a relay to do the job.

iceng BozS11 month ago

Nice place to live.. Don't know what is available down there, Up here in the US there is a web enabled automatic thermostat that is being promoted as the best of all...