Upgrading my guitar

I have a super nice looking Aria STG 006, crappy pickups, but nice wood and neck. I have some ideas, and i want you all to respond to my ideas New Pickups--Mighty Mite Pickups Killswitch---Buckhead, need i say more? Make some sort of nice interesting pieces of art on it. New Potentiometers Shielding all the insides (i get hummmmm which i hate with a passion) Any suggestions?>!??!??!?!?!!

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oh, and if you can afford it(cause i cant) you should consider getting an old wah pedal and take out all the electronics and put them in your guitar and have a "wah pot". it would be pretty simple because i think all wahs use a pot; you could just replace one of your tone controls(unless your ok with putting a new knob on your guitar.)
btw: the lead guitarist from the band "Journey" has the wah feature on some of his signature les pauls(which also have a floyd rose and a sustainer pickup which i wont elaborate into but you should look them up on google, get the sustaniac brand not the fernandez brand, the sustaniac is $300 compared to the $200 fernandez but is MUCH better, im going to get one for my ibanez
you should look at the instructable on how to scallop your frets(the one with the blue guitar, not the one with the black; blue one is a much better instructable) and yes, all the way with the double locking trem
if your gonna go through all that why not just spend the money on a new guitar?
cheaper to buy new parts than a better guitar.
Danny9 years ago
barenuckle - nailbomb pickups and a double locking tremelo, need i say more
you can get rid of some of the hum by coating the inside with aluminum foil. for the pots and pickups i'd look on musiciansfriend.com