Urban Exploration, Anyone?

Hello, I like to Urban Explore. I live in an area that has limited opportunities, but we make the best of it. This topic is essentially an open stage for anything about Urban Exploration and things like it.

I will start by asking, what is the coolest place you have explored?

Any tips for fellow explorers?

Cautionary tales?

Looking for places to explore in your area?

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Near my town there is a little forest full of Spanish Civil War bunkers, most of them are really big and if you dig a bit you can find ammo and supplies.
ilpug (author)  La cacatua carmesi5 years ago
oh wow, that sounds amazing.
There is also a big but only visible by gps road wich takes you to a command bunker with the artillery and machine guns placements.
freeza365 years ago
Well, ilpug, youve probably seen my instructable, "Exploring Storm Water Drain Systems." Right under an elementary school... Drug dealers, strange men with huge dogs, very questionable graffiti. Its crazy in there. Sometimes you can smell the marijuana. (Which smells absolutely terrible and is disgusting, if you didn't know.) My friend and I have actually found a new system of storm drains to explore, with a huge 30 foot ladder. A new ible will be out asap!
ilpug (author)  freeza365 years ago
themoose645 years ago
there is a forest in the outskirts of the village that I live in. I was on google earth on day I discovered a house with half a roof. It was totally falling apart. I decided to go check it out with my cousin. Turns out it was an abandoned house. We couldn't go inside because the floor and ceiling both fell in. The coolest part about is when you turn the corner. A 1955 Ford Thunderbird is around the corner. What I find weird is that this is in the middle of nowhere and everything is still inside the house like a bunkbed and a fridge. Can you explain this?
ilpug (author)  themoose645 years ago
Well, the car is a clue to the age, for sure. When you say "In the middle of nowhere" how far do you mean from civilization? What usually happens is that older people who die have multiple houses, and their kids who inherit them simply let them collapse.
CheckDavid5 years ago
I just bought a Mountain Bike for this exact purpose. I want to explore, but I wonder how much I can do with a bike. I know I can go far, and into remote places, forests etc.

Do you guys have any tips for me?

I wish I could squeeze into the metro tunnel, but that would be too dangerous lol
Thanks a lot for your reply.

Actually I am fortunate enough to have a very good "exploration team"

They just don't have bikes, they have cars though lol

The only thing we don't do much is take photos.

One thing I find troubling is doing those adventures with a good quality camera. I am afraid to break it lol
ilpug (author)  CheckDavid5 years ago
Okay, let me clarify something: a mountain bike is a good form of transportation to get to and leave an area quickly and quietly,but once you are in most urban locations, using it to explore is kind of useless. Underground it is more of a hindrance than help, unless you are in a monstrous tunnel. In buildings, the same thing applies. Old train tunnels are great, just stay out of active ones whenever possible. Underground the only vehicle that might come in handy is a skateboard.

Basically, three things: go on online forums/urban exploration sites, and get all the info and advice you can there. Then, get a small group of people you can trust who know all the info as well. Once at your chosen location, take only pictures, leave only footprints.

Any other qustions I would be happy to answer.
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