Usb coin slot: for mame machines

I recently had an idea while I was asleep last night. I need to get it off of my mind while I can, before I forget about it. What if there was a USB coin slot, that worked for MAME and other things by setting it to do a certain command. You could also set how many coins need to be inserted before it does that command. Say, if you had stepmania for instance. In "arcade" mode, you have to hit F1 to "insert" a "credit". With the USB coin slot, you set it to hit F1 after it recieves its coin. You get what I'm saying? It would be a great help to people who are just getting into building MAME machines, and would certainly be a neat little USB toy when not using it for a MAME cabinet. How would I do this? How could I make a thing like this? I need help, and suggestions on this. Hopefully, if I get enough supplies, I could do this. But I need some feedback on this one. (sorry, the pic is just a regular coin slot. Nothing special.)

Picture of Usb coin slot: for mame machines
wjsmac5 years ago
Grab a cheap USB game controller and take off plastic case the smaller the better. Trace the two contact points on one of your buttons now solder the two points with two 2inch 18gauge hookup cables you can by the spools at radioshack. Take the coinbox apart follow the coin sled to what should look like an "L" shaped piece of metal thickness of a pin hooked up to a small switch box thats the coin switch now take the positive and negative cable leads from it splice and attach the game controller wires you made now conceal the controller hook up USB open controller config and pop in your coin you should see the button light that is mapped to enjoy!
Zoukiny wjsmac4 years ago
hey! wow! is nice. but, i have a really big problem. my group mates and i, already buy a coin slot machine. what if: 1.) we need 50 pesos coins (5 coins worth 10pesos each) to exe. the command 2.) how can we connect the hardware to our computer? the function: 1.) if the user, inserted worth 50 pesos coins, the computer will print one document. we are using VB 6.0 and VB 2003 thanks. my e-mail:
dudeishfish4 years ago
A lot of arcade coin slots were just two wires that when a coin passed through completed a circuit. Using the same logic, you could construct one from any input device.
just stick a peice of metal in there and bam! i got free internet access!
NachoMahma5 years ago
. hmmmm I think I'd start by visiting some of the local vending companies and see if I could talk them out of some obsolete electronic coin rejectors. If they aren't in a generous mood, I'd check E-Bay, &c. . Then I'd track down a manual/schematic for the rejector, to get the pinout and protocol info. . Not sure how to get the signal into the computer. An electronic rejector is probably a serial i/f. If so a serial-to-USB adapter may work. . . I think I still have some mechanical rejectors (for bubble gum machines) stashed away in the garage. IIRC, they are setup for US quarters. You should be able to use something like that with a limit switch to trigger a keyboard per whatsisface. If you're interested, I'll look around for one of them.
whatsisface5 years ago
There's several ways you could do that. If all the MAME games were to share a common key to "insert" a credit, then the process could be simplified by using the guts of a keyboard. Solder a microswitch accross the contacts for your desired key, say F1, and then build a coin slot that directs the coin onto the switch. The weight of the coin trips the switch and in turn inserts a credit.
Tomcat94 (author)  whatsisface5 years ago
Ok. What if you only wanted quarters? Or maybe a token? Would that same concept work?
I'd say so, just make the mechanism quater-sized.
Tomcat94 (author)  whatsisface5 years ago
Ah. I see. Anyway, where should I start?
I'd start by finding out what the most common button to insert a credit is, then find an old keyboard.
Tomcat94 (author)  whatsisface5 years ago
I meant in terms of getting a coin acceptor. But yeah, I'll do that. There are a bunch of keyboards at my local thrift store...
Can't really help you there. You could make one from plastic I suppose, but it wouldn't sort coins as well. Then you could also buy one, but that's added expense, and you'd have to dismantle it anyway.
zachninme5 years ago
It probably wouldn't be hard to hook a microcontroller up to one. Although normally I'd suggest serial for something like this, just because its easy, you could probably use an arduino to get USB support.
Tomcat94 (author)  zachninme5 years ago
uh...In english please? lol, just kidding. But how would I be able to do that?

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