Use G+ as an K'NEX outlet?

As many of you guys know, I am a firm believer in an alternative site for us K'NEXers. I just think that the K'NEX world is big enough, and cool enough, for us to find our own "colony," if you will. But, sadly, the amount of work it would take to move everyone from here to that "other colony" would be rather impossible to do, besides, how do we guarantee that we'd keep them there?

So then, I had this idea. A large majority of people who have a email address use Gmail, right? So, why don't we just create a G+ K'NEXers page and a G+ group to stay in touch? After all, it is easier to just post a quick pic on G+ than to come here to instructables, and the Google hangouts option allows us to chat and keep in touch via IMs.

On top of all that, it is just better that we keep to ourselves, after all, the instructables site is more for Make/How to/DIY, and K'NEX really doesn't fill that slot, IMO.

Don't get me wrong, instructables is a great website, run by great people, but the K'NEX world deserves its own area on the web.

What do you guys think? How many of you have Gmail (you needn't post your email address), and how many would be willing to get a "fake" email address to keep in touch? Again, like many of my other topics on this subject, this forum thread is just to gauge interest.

-The Red Book of Westmarch

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The Red Book of Westmarch (author) 3 years ago

The K'NEX Connect G+ page is open now:

...As is the K'NEX Connect G+ Community:

I know this is really old, but instead of going to another site why don't we just create our own site just for Knex. Have a section for guns, ball machines, roller coasters, and other. Just my opinion. Who knows we could turn Knex into a career lol.

We tried. Twice. Knexinnovation first but its community was a little more niche. It went inactive and then finally shut down. During its lifespan, I also attempted making a website for people that didn't care for KI. It died relatively quickly for multiple reasons, the main one being that people just don't want to make the jump. The problem is that people are too invested in Instructables to make a full transition. There are other K'nex websites too I'm sure, I recall visiting one trying to introduce K'nex gunning to them. I've thought about it again, too. I figured that with all the experience I now have in web dev, I'd attempt making another K'nex website, a proper one. But I've too many other projects I'd rather work on. Maybe if I find free time, if I start making tutorial videos like I wanted, I can host them there to get a little more traffic and make it worth putting time into. Maybe, just maybe, I can program a way to import instructables into my site if I had permission. I think that's the main hurdle keeping people here.

Ok we have GOT to get our own website because us knexers have a small so called country to ourself but we have the whole world against us. I never realized how much non Knexers hate Knex, there are multiple ibles and forum topics about how they hate Knex and wish there was a way to get us out of instructables. so I was thinking, what IF we could convince KNEX inc to make a section to post Knex projects. We could get a lot more attention, advertise what you can do with Knex, and even encourage new and more innovative people to buy Knex making Knex inc more money and drastically improving innovation and potential of Knex. what do you guys think, potential or just a dream?

KNEX did have a KNEX club where you could submit stuff but there where no guns and They removed it from the website. It was not really set up right but they did have something. You know LEGO has a way better online community on there website. And I think they just have more capital to run a fancy site and a larger user base so they can do that. After all they are the largest toy company in the world.

I agree with Dunkis 100%. Knex would be scared by the idea that we were posting guns on their site that can shoot through drywall or some kid's eye. They would not like that at all. Honestly, unless knex posts are banned on here, or something, I say stick with this. Ibles already has a good setup, so why change it?

Eh, because again, we're kinda out of place here. They only made a section for us because we were all here filling up other sections. It works, but we're hogging space here. While some of us participate in the rest of the website, a lot of us simply come here for the K'nex section without paying attention to the rest. And a custom made website with K'nex in mind could work out better.

It could work better, but it isn't like we are getting a bunch of hate comments, or something, at least from the higher up iblers, mostly just those with no profile image, only five different comments and no instructables posted.

ummmm try commenting on Legos, they cannot stand us knexers well at least the ones I commented on hate us.

I have tried to comment on one or two lego things, and i have just not got a response, not hate or anything though.

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