Use Patches as Prizes for Member-Run Contests

Hi everyone in the K'Nex forum! You guys have been the leaders in running your own contests on Instructables, and I think that's awesome. Our new patch system was designed with you in mind. You can use it as a way to give out "official" recognition to the people who win your design challenges and competitions. Let us know how it's working, and have fun!

Picture of Use Patches as Prizes for Member-Run Contests
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ajleece7 years ago
If I weren't in New Zealand I would 'Go Pro' Sigh...
What's wrong with living in New Zealand?
Paying for it. We don't have pay pal.
Oh no! Well I hope they have some way to make you pro.
Yay! Me to!
I'm over in Australia, not too far (in internet terms) from where you are.
BUT you use paypal. There is no NZ paypal.
True, but considering how often I use it I don't know much about it. :S
:S ????
It's a face (tilt your head anti clockwise 90 degrees.)
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