Use for Extending WiFi?

hey I was wondering if you can use any metal, for example a cloths hanger, to some how attach to an end of a wi fi reciever? Or maybe even maybe use a tv antenna?

rpvanpatt (author) 9 years ago
yea i have been looking at the different ideas, but i was just trying to figure out what i could do without going out and buyin a cloths hanger, tv antenna, or cell phone antenna
rpvanpatt (author)  rpvanpatt9 years ago
i have been,i was just tryin to get someones knowledge so its all good
. Well, since this is a DIY site, the WiFi iBles are probably low-budget.
. We (at least I) are not going to do all your homework for you. Learn to use this site's search and Google/Yahoo/&c.
NachoMahma9 years ago
. There are several good iBles on this (search for WiFi) and when I Google "WiFi extender" and "WiFi antenna", I get lots of good hits.