Use for dead cell phones

Is there any use at all for a discontinued cell phone? If there is please let me know. I have 3 or 4 dead cell phones and I don't know what to do.

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There is a bunch of organizations that collect old cell phones for a variety of uses. Here is a list I found link. Most have free shipping, or you could see if there are any cell phone drives in your area. If not try the Salvation Army or Good will in you area.
BEAST14 (author)  TheCheese99219 years ago
Thank you.
your welcome
Yep, we have a bunch of local drop off points that recycle them...
Kiteman9 years ago
Any cell phone that still broadcasts in a band that is active can be used to call the emergency services, even without a sim. Keep one charged and in the glovebox. Otherwise - The batteries are useful, the vibration motors can make fun toys, maybe the camera could be extracted? Even complete-but-not-a-phone, there's a calculator, stopwatch, games, maybe a music player.
andy Kiteman8 years ago
Screens are cool, Nokia 3310 screens have been used for a variety of projects; link and I dare say others may be able to be used with hacking and luck. Its full of natty bits like microphones, speakers and such too.

If they aren't too old and have the ability to run 3rd party java applications then you have a nice little resource therein, in so far as you can run applications for what ever you can find; here's a resource for the same; link. All in all there's some funky stuff you can do "out of the box" (as in; using pre-existing products), as a developer I'm always looking at systems in terms of what can be done that is funky and bizarre, and there is a lot with "newer" phones.

Failing that, if any have a camera, how about a night vision camera? There are instructables for turning normal cameras into IR (Infra red) so you could do it for a camera and document the process for a phone which should only be mildly different.
Hope that was helpful,
BEAST14 (author)  andy8 years ago
thanks everyone, now I have something to keep me occupied on rainy days :)
BEAST14 (author)  Kiteman9 years ago
Thank you.
If the phone still turns on you can use it to experiment with full submersion cooling 1. plug in the charger 2. turn it on 3. disable all suspend functions 4. drop it in a jar full of mineral oil 5. check the temperature every once in awhile
Gjdj39 years ago
Oh, and it looks like make may have a project in their new issue.
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