Useless Machine Kits are now available

Solarbotics.com has just come out with a complete parts kit for the Useless Machine:

It's only $25 and includes a very cool acrylic case as seen in the photos.  Dave Hrynkiw at solarbotics really did a fantastic job with the design.

Keep in mind this is an even lower price than if you bought just the electronics parts at digikey!!!

Picture of Useless Machine Kits are now available
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Goodhart6 years ago
I'm still thinking about "my own version" that I want to make (one day).
LUCCHINA6 years ago
I hope that someone... will offer it to me for Christmas ;-D
crapflinger6 years ago
bookmarked for next year. i try to make sure that the things i get for my dad are as useless as possible but still entertaining. i'd say this fulfills said requirement
I agree! Neck-ties can be re-purposed to easily...
Kiteman6 years ago
Dear Santa...