Useless WorldSpace

I have a worldspace satellite reciever lying around at home. I'm from India and WorldSpace service in India has been stopped due to low profit. Now that reciever set and the antenna thing are thrown around useless. I wonder what I can do with it? And is it possible to make a mobile phone signal booster with it???
Or any other idea, anything??? 

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Punkguyta7 years ago
 It could very well be used for a cell phone or wifi booster. I have a couple old Motorola cell phones that have antenna jacks on them under little rubber plugs.

You could in-turn buy a cheapy "booster" antenna you can buy for a car or something to hook up to a cell phone, and modify it to the satellite dish. You could also use this idea with a wireless usb stick and some usb extension cables.
pro2xy (author)  Punkguyta7 years ago
yah... but can you please explain? Coz I gave a lot of thought on this and got nowhere...
Thanks anyway... :) 
 What is it exactly you're wanting me to explain.....
pro2xy (author)  Punkguyta7 years ago
sorry/... i wanted you to explain how to convert it into a cellphone booster....... :(
lemonie7 years ago
This site is telling me there are free satellite channels in your area -
Maybe you could pick up something else, but might need a different receiver?