User profile pages have been changed, for the worst

Instructables has reworked user profile pages in a radical way. Profile pages are now wholly different from what they used to be. Content is no longer divided by its type (instructable, forum, comment, favorite, etc.), it is divided into two sections: the user's projects...and everything else.

The section on everything else encompasses every activity related to the user in question. This cluttered list of activities can include everything from viewers favoriting the user's projects, replies to the user and even (deleted) spam comments left on the user's projects. There is no way to divide things up to look at them by their individual types--you must sift through everything manually.

As far as the user's content goes, only five projects are visible to the marauding viewer at a glance. There is no indication to viewers over how many projects have been posted by the member in total.

Versus the previous layout:
  • Fewer projects are being shown
  • The total number posted by the user is now unclear
  • The number of subscribers had by the user is now unclear
  • The 5 projects which are shown are displayed with smaller images than before.

Absolutely every aspect of presentation was superior under the old layout. The only vaguely positive new development is the ability for an author to control what five projects they desire to spotlight. In light of the massive costs, it is not a major plus.

If the viewer does make their way to the page which carriers all of a user's projects, they will again find its contents unfiltered. There are no filters to weed out content by featured status, views or popularity. There is still no indication of how many projects there are either.

Patches do not appear to be of any value anymore, as they are nowhere to be seen on profile pages.


This change has destroyed profile pages. I have been around Instructables for many years and have seen many layouts--this layout is, without a doubt, the worst yet. The layout of profile pages must be reverted to the previous style.

Content is being downplayed like it never has been before. Most of a person's profile page is now dedicated to what other people have done. Users' profile pages--what were once pages dedicated to their stuff--are now dominated by others' stuff.

When a user goes to my profile page, I want them to see what I have posted. That is why they went there--to see my content. They are not there to look at others' content.

Under this new layout, viewers will have to work harder to find results on these profiles and are more likely to lose interest in the content of the user. The lack of intuitiveness to the layout will only aggravate and put off viewers.

Content creators will probably bear the brunt of the fallout of this change if it's not quickly undone. Interest in and viewership of their content will likely decrease in time if things do not change. In turn, content creators may decide not to withdraw and discontinue sharing their works.

Whomever made the layout what it is now may have had the best intentions. However, it is time to accept the fact that the new layout is completely inferior to the previous one and that it needs to be scrapped.

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nqtronix12 months ago

"Content is being downplayed like it never has been before. Most of a
person's profile page is now dedicated to what other people have done.
Users' profile pages--what were once pages dedicated to their stuff--are
now dominated by others' stuff."

This is the major issue. Great content needs a platform to live up to it.

OrigamiAirEnforcer (author)  nqtronix12 months ago

It is indeed a serious issue.

However, I personally doubt anything will be done about it. I don't think the powers that be value content enough to reverse this mistake.

liquidhandwash12 months ago

Errr your realy not going to like the look of the new "subscribers" page.....

Screen Shot 2016-10-23 at 11.27.41 AM.png
OrigamiAirEnforcer (author)  liquidhandwash12 months ago

No button to even look at other subscribers; only your first 120 unless you rewrite the URL manually.

BrittLiv12 months ago

I don't mind they new layout. I would prefer it though if it would be more about the Instructables somebody has posted. Would it be possible to have the button say e.g. "All 57 Instructables" and maybe get a second line so that 10 Instructables are showing?

What I really don't like are the new contest win icons. Can we please, please, please get the old ones back?

OrigamiAirEnforcer (author)  BrittLiv12 months ago

On mobile it's even worse--you get a whopping 1.5 instructables visible on first glance; you have to actively look to see more to find further ones.

Contest wins lack their unique achievement patches--but at least those accomplishments are still visible at all. Regular patches between users do not even get that, making them effectively worthless.

Things aren't what they used to be.

Yonatan2412 months ago

It shows on your page that you posted an this Instructable. Sorry, but this is called a Forum Topic...

Yonatan2412 months ago

What's wrong with the link of this forum topic? Why is it like that?

Yonatan2412 months ago


You couldn't have worded it better.

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