Uses for cat hair (and boredom)

Something I always wanted to do was learn to spin yarn.
So, I looked up online how they appeared, and made a spinner from an old hard drive,
a paintbrush handle, a bread board, and another doo-hickewy, and set off..

First, I must say, I now know what it feels like to have a hairball)...

From the photo, you can see that I have much more practice, if only I could bear eating Petromalt)

My cats fur is short, and I had saved a container, which I had in the freezer for some time...
The invention Kit-D-Sguise

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So where is the instructable on making your own spinning wheel? Please publish!

most basic possible spinning wheel. one step above just twisting with fingers

Toga_Dan3 years ago

seldom does something online make me literaly lol.

ya got me! rasta kitty. lol.

littleangels (author) 5 years ago
Family sized...If I ever get brave enough to 'play with cat fur' again, I;ll remember that!
No instructable for it, I just went to google images, saw what it looked like...
Made it from a plastic paintbrush handle, melted it to make the hook - had a spinny type wheel from a hard drive I had torn apart years ago, glued the paintbrush handle into the wheel thing (left about an inch sticking out the end...
heck, hard to explain how I did it, but if you do an image search, you;ll get the idea.
caitlinsdad5 years ago
The question would be, you have to store cat hair in the freezer?
littleangels (author)  caitlinsdad5 years ago
No, freezer isn't cat is a 'bug collector', so just trying to thwart fleas - in case. (He was adopted as an older abandoned outdoor kitty and still has his mouse hunting desires, and we live in a wodoed area
Maybe the rest of the house was full...
I'm laughing at the kitty dreadlocks! There is a woman in SF who makes earrings out of cat hair.

Last year I had a container of black, white, and tan pellets of cat hair felt in the garage, waiting for inspiration to strike. They got tossed after I watched an episode of Hoarders.

The comment about eating Petromalt reminded me that the label on the extra-large tube says "Family Size" LOL instead of "Multi-Cat Household", as if all the people are going to eat it too.