Uses for waterbottles?

What are other things you use water bottles for that doesn't include, bottle rockets, or simply re-using the bottle?

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fill with weights and add a chain and you have a cool weapon!
luke967 years ago
luke967 years ago
To drink out of.
Rock Soldier (author)  luke967 years ago
...Are you serious?
Why didn't I think of that!?
PKM7 years ago
Improvised firearms :)

(by which I mean small-bore spud guns)
Rock Soldier (author)  PKM7 years ago
Awwww....Did you have to tell me what you really meant? I like Improvised firearms better....
canida7 years ago
Rock Soldier (author)  canida7 years ago
drip watering stations, long lasting ice cubes....
Kiteman7 years ago
Raft? Small greenhouses? Musical instruments? Wind spinners? Stack them on their sides with mortar and make an interesting wall?
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