Using Gif on Burning Questions Contest

I am trying to submit my entry to the Burning Questions Contest and according to the contest's description, I should be able to use a .gif and that's good because that's all I have! But, I have tried adding the .gif directly to my post and using every single one of the "supported" websites for embedding but the Instructables website will not allow me to continue with an uploaded .gif and none of the supported embedding websites will allow me to upload a .gif as a video file either so I'm pretty much stuck. The contest description is misleading... Is there anything I can do?

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mikeasaurus4 years ago
GIF's are a supported format on out site. Please make sure your file size is less than 5MB, and the dimension width is less than 640 px. The reduced file size will help the image load faster when it's in your Instructable, and the dimension constraint is becasue animated GIF's sometimes so not like to be resized (even with the img with=" tag in HTML).

Upload your GIF to Instructables, then drag it into your project as the intro image.
MossdaleMakerspace (author)  mikeasaurus4 years ago
My gif uploads fine, but once I click off the Edit page and onto the Publish page, it would not allow me to continue and select my tags, contest submission, etc. It just kept putting me right back on the Edit form. My gif is only 2.5 MB, so I know that's not the problem. I ended up converting my gif into video, uploading it to YouTube and embedded it into my instructable. That finally worked. Thanks for the help, but I think there's a minor bug somewhere.
M3G4 years ago
Instead of embedding it in a video instructable, try uploading it as an image in a photo or step-by-step instructable.
MossdaleMakerspace (author)  M3G4 years ago
I can't do that. If you read the contest description, the ONLY allowed format for the Burning Questions Contest is that of VIDEO
You will probably need to convert the gif to a video file. I had a look around online and found this site, it might help you figure out what to do.
MossdaleMakerspace (author)  M3G4 years ago
Thanks, I tried that, uploaded it to YouTube and embedded it into my instructable. That finally worked.