Using Plasma Arcs to Deal with Trash

"A Florida county plans to build a facility to get rid of their landfills, generate electricity and produce construction material, all using a process called plasma gasification which vaporizes garbage at temperatures hotter than the surface of the sun.
The $425 million facility expected to be built in St. Lucie County will use plasma arcs to turn garbage into gas and rock-like material. It will be the first municipal plasma waste processing facility in the united states, and the largest in the world. Expected to be completed within 2 years, the 100,000 square food facility will process 3,000 tons of waste per day. Fed not only with waste being produced currently, the facility will also begin to process the waste already in the county landfill. Estimates predict that the entire volume of the existing landfill, 4.3 million tons of trash collected since 1978, will be processed within 18 years."


It almost seems too good to be true, what do you think?

Picture of Using Plasma Arcs to Deal with Trash
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It's possible. I wonder if there's any way to increase efficiency. Like, lowering the temperature a bit to exactly the minimal required temp. Something like that...  
Masterdude9 years ago
The arc is probably a carbon arc. I've done some experiments with them at home on a smaller scale using a graphite electrode and also with pencil lead to create a small carbon arc.
PS: I'm thinking of putting it on Instructables on the SANYO eneloop Battery Powered Contest.
Really good idea but how much electricity do you use to melt the trash???
the syn gas you generate is flammable and that runs a generator to power the plasma , the excess energy going to our houses and such
Plasmana9 years ago
That job must be very stinky and f**king hot!!!
DJ Radio9 years ago
DJ Radio9 years ago
new2welding9 years ago
Help! I just bought Exothermic Cutting Rods to use with my new arc welder to cut carbon steel off a John Deere Bush hog. Did I buy the right thing?? Cant seem to strike an arc. Any advice would be appreciated.
Mukund9 years ago
Syn gas generation is effective at temperature around 1300-1400 C, but plasma arc temperature is around 4000-5000 C. So why we are going for such high temperatures.
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