Using Resin& makeing Mold???

I want to try and use Resin (for the first time ever). What kind of resin should I buy if I'm going to be makeing small pieces that will imitate candy. And how the hell to a make a cheap mold?? :S

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Try using a silicone based molding compound, they can withstand high temp and are super flexible, try checking a few art supply websites. As far as using metal casting materials, your molds will be expensive and depending on the shape of the object your molding, they will have to be destroyed to remove the finished product.. Where silicone is cheap, flexible, reusable (depending on the object) and can hold incredible detail. Have Fun. Hope this helps.
meowgu10 years ago
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I have just started playing w/ resins too! It's really fun but definitely TOXIC! So don't do this indoor!
kishida meowgu10 years ago
I had made a mold of a half corn on the cob, using a brush on latex rubber, then made a candle with it. I would brush on several coats to make the mold stiffer.

I had also used another product, and it was called standard molding rubber. I had to mix 2 parts to start the curing process, then place the original object in an appropriate sized container (maybe a dixie cup for a piece of candy), then pour the mixture until the original is submerged.

I used clear polyester resin because I can add dyes to color it.

This is where I usually buy these supplies:
LasVegas10 years ago
My father used to do metal casting of all sorts of materials. Of course, I don't have near the equipment he had, but I do remember a lot of his techniques. Perishables were especially difficult to build a good cast of since there's very little time before they lose their original shape. Most candy would fall under this category. You could use the similar type of casting material as I did in my Instructable initially. From that casting, use a hard wax to make a positive mold of your candy. Now you've got a shape that will hold up to more destructive casting techniques. With the new wax shape, you could then use "investment," a very fine and hard plaster to build a more permanent 2 or more piece mold which could be used with ceramics or resin based casts.
trebuchet0310 years ago
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Vacuum Forming Mold :)
ZiggyRodrigues (author)  trebuchet0310 years ago
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