Using a coupon to claim a prize

If you should ever get a prize from we will contact you via a private message with a link to a website to go to and a coupon code that you can use to claim your prize. Some people who go to use the coupon have trouble finding where to enter their code. Here is a screenshot of where you should enter your coupon code, so should you ever be confused, you can just reference this forum post.

Picture of Using a coupon to claim a prize
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amadden45 years ago
It can be useful I guess
duck-lemon9 years ago
it says there are none left
noahw (author)  duck-lemon9 years ago
Are you going to the right link - I just gave it a shot and they are in stock, and can be purchased. I'll PM you with the correct url.
thanks it's all good now
KentsOkay9 years ago
How long coupon code good for? Could I redeem it oh say, next summer?
The first time I did a burning question... spent some time putting the code in random boxes till I found the coupon one...
Easy Button10 years ago
wait no i got it now
Easy Button10 years ago
see i tryed this and there was nothing below the paypal please help
grimsqueaker10 years ago
Thanks! I got it. :)