Using computer as an electronic switch?

Please help. I really appreciate it.

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Thanks guyfrom7up and Goodhart, I think parallel port will do this. Do you think if I connect wires those are in the usb cable to that simple circuit (picture above) and turn on/off usb port It will work?
guyfrom7up9 years ago
you can just use a parallel port Google interfacing parallel port Have one of the outputs drive a transistor (use an optocouple for more protection) which in turn drives a relay (use a protection diode!)
Goodhart9 years ago
Do any of the circuits on this Black Box link help? (author)  Goodhart9 years ago
Thanks, But they weren't useful to me. My biggest problem is I can't buy these circuits from net I can't buy anything else because of post problems in here. But I think it's a very simple circuit that everybody can make in home but I don't know ho :(
Some of the things listed in the link are Schematics, nevertheless, interfacing with your USB is probably the way to go, and that can be touchy to say the least.