Using the flash from a disposable camera?

I recentaly took apart a digital camera hoping to be able to find a way to use the plain old flash when ever I wanted to to flash it at night at my friends. I acidently bridged and shocked my self owwie. But i still cant figure out how to use the flash once its out of the camera ofcourse with the circuit board and that still attchaed. Any help would be nice.

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noscopepj8 years ago
I got an idea from science of sleep and I want to make a flash like that time machine..any help??
Mr.Devious10 years ago
It's really simple really. Just don't shock yourself
photozz10 years ago
were you hoping to use this as a flash for another camera to do photography? or did you just want to be able to flash it at will. ...
CowGuy (author)  photozz10 years ago
At will =)
photozz CowGuy10 years ago
OK.. I would say that 90 percent, if not all of the circuitry on that board is there to drive the flash. the shutter is typically just a mechanically driven device. Once it's all taken apart, just connect the battery back up to the board, and hit the charge switch. the flash should charge up. At this point, be very careful. the big round thing is a capacitor, and even as small as it is, it will hold enough of a charge to knock you on your ass. When it's charged up, it can melt a screwdriver or burn you. you prob felt a left over charge. Before you work with the board, such as soldering or such, remove the battery and touch a screwdriver across the contacts. This will discharge it and make it reasonably safe to handle. There should be two metal contacts that were around the shutter button. you could either just touch these together to fire the flash, or solder a contact switch to these so you can fire it a little simpler. If you are going to be reusing this over and over, I would throw it in a small project box or something and hard wire real switches. You don't want anyone to get a zap if you don't have to.
[quote]it can melt a screwdriver or burn you.[/quote] unless you're using a chocolate screwdriver?...#1 no where near enough juice coming out of the capacitor to melt anything (sorry...300V does not an arc furnace make) #2 it's NEVER releasing electricity long enough to melt anything (or burn you for that matter...but i could see someone with sensative skin maybe having a mark left?)
well, true, but to clarify my comment, I have burned myself badly on these flashes (once, never again....), and I have melted the capacitor to a screwdriver (several times.. kinda fun). 300V is plenty if it releases all the stored amperage at once. Its not going to kill you, but it will make you hop in a circle swearing.
That's not melting - That's welding ;) Using that same principle, you can make a Thermocouple
Picky.. picky.. :)
zuixro photozz10 years ago
I have been burned several times by flashesh as well. One time, it left the imprint of the circuit board on my leg. ( I was holding the board, and a friend hit my arm and it fell on my leg)
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