Utility knives OK for kids?

Just a thought- if knives proper are not ok for kids, than what about utility knives? shorter blades- less space to cut your fingers with?

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lizzyastro6 years ago
Utility knives can seem safer because the blades are quite short, but that can be deceptive and also the handle/grip style leads to them being used without the finesse that is developed when using a longer blade and less chunky handle. I would suggest a small sharp penknife or multi-tool is more suitable for learning with than a utility knife.

It does also depend on exactly what you are expecting the knife to be used for - cutting cardboard? whittling wood? slicing steak? Some knives are more multi purpose than others (my mother claimed her bread knife was never the same after my father cut down a sapling at a camp site with it!)
moneyfuskie935 (author)  lizzyastro6 years ago
So that's why Kiteman said no.
Pretty much. I was under the impression you meant as a pocket knife.
moneyfuskie935 (author)  Kiteman6 years ago
Sorry if I was mean!
Hey, no problem.
Mr. E Meat6 years ago
It depends on the job that they are doing. Teach them to use the appropriate tool for the job. Trying to use a tool for a job that it is not suited to can be dangerous. I'm assuming that you're worried about safety here...
SpagoPizza5 years ago
You're never too cautions when it comes to kids. So ... NO . don't put them anywhere near danger !
Of course you can be to cautious when it comes to kids...
I use them all the time, and I'm 13. My dad taughtme the proper etiquette and I needed nothing more.
ilpug5 years ago
The knife rule in my family is that a kid gets a pocket knife at age ten. So far, everyone still has all their appendages and no one has been injured seriously.

It depends on the age of the kids in question, but I would actually say that since utility knives have much sharper blades than any small pocket knife a kid is going to have, they can often cut cleanly though whatever is cut- and keep going. I have sliced myself more with razor blades than other knives.
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