I have taken a very much needed vacation break from work (starting tomorrow, i.e. Friday) and will be all until July 10 (returning on Monday). 

The wife doesn't like to travel any more (not that I can afford that; but not even to the beach), so I will be puttering around the house a lot, maybe even get an ible out or two.....we shall see    :-)    But I will be checking in here from time to time too (got keep you youngin's straight)


Picture of VACATION !!!!!
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ChrysN6 years ago
Lucky! I don't get any vacation until September.
iceng ChrysN6 years ago
Is Sept the witching moon referred to in Bell, Book and Candle,
with your avatar the familiar to Kim Novak :-)
Goodhart (author)  iceng6 years ago
A little Vertigo, to go please ! :-)

Kim Novak
iceng Goodhart6 years ago
That publicity pic will go well into your LED frame.
Ill never see a waist like that ( even with a pair of ribs removed ) LoL
Goodhart (author)  iceng6 years ago
Well, call me odd, but my "display case" is for a very VERY special to me, t-shirt that was sent to me while I was having a double bypass surgery a few years ago....
Goodhart (author)  iceng6 years ago
She Does look a bit top heavy, doesn't she? :-)
ChrysN iceng6 years ago
LOL, I'm not familiar with the movie.
iceng ChrysN6 years ago
A humorous movie about how witches and warlocks cope in the big Apple.
Goodhart (author)  ChrysN6 years ago
Really, with the stress I've been under of late, this will either do me good, or do me in LOL
iceng6 years ago
The ible's staff just disappear :-þ
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