Vacuum Forming Molds

hey guys ive been reading a lot lately about vacuum forming and homemade vacuum forming machines (kudos to everyone who has made one by the way, theyre awesome), because i want to start early on my halloween costume this year and after some research i found vacuum forming would be the best way to make my costume. so my question for you guys: what do i make the molds out of? unfortunately, everywhere ive looked, there hasnt been a real detailed description of how to make the molds for the parts, its usually more along the lines of "now put your molds on the platen and place the heated plastic. . ." without describing how aforementioned molds came into existence. thanks a ton in advance!

Kiteman7 years ago
The mould is whatever you want to mould.

My boys made a bedroom sign of their names in a vacuum former operated at a local science centre ("Inspire" in Norwich) - the moulds for their names were those plastic/magnetic letters that children use to learn to spell on the fridge.

If you are after a specific shape, I would think it would be a good idea to carve it from a lump of balsa.

puno (author)  Kiteman7 years ago
So balsa? awesome thanks a bunch, i really appreciate it! would that work if i wanted to make like a full head/helmet? or would i need to make seperate parts and attach them?
Kiteman puno7 years ago
I think it would need separate parts - otherwise your plastic sheet is going to wrap around the form and you would have to cut the plastic to get it off.
puno (author)  Kiteman7 years ago
okay cool, thank you a lot!