Vacuum Tube Chess Set

This chess set made from vacuum tubes is pretty stunning. Plug a tube into a square and the top lights up. I doubt that the pins will stand up to very many games of chess, but it is lovely to look at.

Vaccum Tube Chess Set via Make

Picture of Vacuum Tube Chess Set
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Sandisk1duo8 years ago
wouldn't the tubes get hot?
Look like LEDs inside. L
oh i thought that those were actual vacuum tubes
They look like real tubes, which are mirrored inside (to retain heat I guess). But look more closely and it would appear that a circle has been cut out the top and LED devices put inside to create the images? L
gmoon lemonie8 years ago
(Useless) tube triva: the silver coating in valves is generally the getter coating on the inside of the glass tube.

It's a reactive compound that absorbs any remaining gases the vacuum pumping process missed.
And knowing is half the battle...
lemonie gmoon8 years ago
Thankyou, now we know! L
Goodhart8 years ago
very cool
Am Per Sand8 years ago
I like tubes, and I like chess! Double yey!