Vacuum cleaner as wood dust collection?

I was wondering if it is possible to use a vacuum cleaner as a form on wood dust collection in my workshop. What type of vacuum clearer would be the best for this, one with a bag, bagless, whatever. If this is possible, what precautions should be taken to ensure smooth operation of this setup. I'm worried about wood dust possibly clogging up the vacuum cleaner.

Any help/ more info/ ideas/ would be great.

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Yes, it is very possible.
Any vacuum cleaner will do, but choose one with at least 1600 watts power.
Model or type is not important because the best way to use it is with an indirect connection, meaning with a cyclonic dust bucket. Direct connection will give lots of problems and it will clog within 10 minutes. If you connect the vacuum onto a mini cyclone dust bucket then you have a perfect dust collection system.
I will be posting an instructable on this very soon.

Just need know if we make a dust collection system with a vaccum cleaner with cyclone dust bucket how long the vaccum cleaner run countinous. Iam.palning go make one and used with a cnc router

your reply

I'm afraid I cant answer this question, better ask the manufacturer of your vacuum cleaner :)
Stylevac7 years ago
There's a unit called the Woodduster Vacuum by Stylevac.  It looks like a tall kitchen garbage can, has trash receptacle on top, bottom houses a vacuum motor and disposable bag.   Sawdust is swept to the front of the unit, then, a pedal activates a powerful motor, and sucks all the small debris into either a paper bag, or a reusable cloth bag.  It also has the ability to hook directly to the output of most stationary tools, with an available attachment set.
caitlinsdad7 years ago
Try something along this cyclonic action particle separator

I always thought about sewing up Tyvek shipping envelopes to make hoods on a wire or pvc pipe frame that pipe into a vacuum port for dust collection.  Regular vacuums are pretty loud, even my shop vac is annoying if you run it for a long time.  Use hearing protection.  Good luck.
You will definitely want to use a cyclonic separator to protect the vacuum, I would suggest that if you do not already have the vacuum it's a much better investment to buy a cheap dust collection system, they are much quieter than a vacuum.
seamster7 years ago
If you're looking to modify a vacuum into an actual collection system, depending on the size of your shop and your specific needs you may be able to get by with a modified regular shop vacuum.

Here's where I might start...  I have this vacuum from Home Depot.  It is very basic but quite powerful and has excellent suction. The vacuum portion is on top, and is just clamped onto a large bucket with wheels. I could see adapting the vacuum portion onto a larger barrel (if needed) and running permanent collection lines to various locations. As long as you have valves or shutters to close off the ends of lines that aren't in use, this type of vacuum might be able to provide enough power to be adequate for a small garage-type shop. 

There are probably some physics issues that I'm unaware of with how this would all play out... but it could be worth a shot. Hope that gives you some ideas. Good luck!
Also, I'm not sure how safe any of this would be...
NachoMahma7 years ago
.  Remember, wood dust is explosive. Do not get the dust anywhere near the motor.