Vacuum tube clock kit

This lovely clock is made from a new kit from Adafruit Industries. Once they're back in stock you can get the whole kit for $65 or just the PCB for $15. If you truly want to do everything yourself you can make the whole thing yourself with instructions here.

HOWTO make a vacuum fluorescent display clock

Picture of Vacuum tube clock kit
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joeporter8 years ago
Some of the blue LED display clocks sold today remind me of the fluorescent display ones sold years ago.
Kiteman8 years ago
I keep meaning to justify the expense of putting a nixie-tube clock together...
I know what you mean, even one like this one would do for me.
gmoon Goodhart8 years ago
Have y'all heard of Numitron displays?

These are Nixie "lookalikes," but only require a low voltage to operate (~12V.) Much simpler (and safer, too.) Easy to find on the old ebay...
interesting! never heard of Numitrons. they look pretty cool, and simpler and safer sounds good too.
Goodhart gmoon8 years ago
some vintage and retro items are just not the same if fiddled with too much (what's the fun in making it so safe one hasn't much need for care being put into their work?). :-)
gmoon Goodhart8 years ago
I don't get your point. Numitrons are "vintage"--they just aren't nixies (which aren't particularly old technology themselves.)

(Speaking as someone who works on more dangerous retro tech things than most here...)

But suit yourself.
umm what's a nixie?
Nixies tubes are retro display devices from the 50's and 60's.
thanks for explaining :0)
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