Valentine's Day Contest Results Are Up!

The Valentine's Contest results are up! Check out the blog post for details.

Thanks to all who entered! No, seriously - we had lots of fantastic projects, and it was really hard to choose between them. I wish we could give out more prizes.

Special thanks to all of our judges who did a great job sorting through all of the projects. It's difficult and often thankless work, and they put in a huge amount of effort.

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tim_n10 years ago
Just received my prize (12th March 07) just in case you wanted to work out the postage different to England. Didn't pay any duty or anything - Just arrived in the post!
photozz10 years ago
Made second place.. cool. Hmmm.. should have etched my car instead.. maybe next time...
tim_n10 years ago
Thanks for the prize much appreciated! when's the next compo? Also: Valentines gift with nifty LED effect by x29a links to my instructable...
canida (author)  tim_n10 years ago
D'oh! That's what i get for doing these things late at night. It's fixed now.
Kiteman10 years ago
Wow, I won! I've got a taste for it now... What's next? St Patrick's Day? Or do we wait until Easter?
trebuchet0310 years ago
Oh crap! I forgot to send me stuff in... sorry about that, but looks like a lot of others did :) Nice work everyones :)
evy-wevy10 years ago
WOWOWOWOooooOoOO! I won a t-shirt!
kqrpnb10 years ago
Canida, not sure if it will effect anything, but while you point to the correct page for SugarTeen52's dreamcatchers, your link to her name includes a space, making it an invalid link (to Sugar+Teen52). Thanks!
canida (author)  kqrpnb10 years ago
Thanks for catching that! It's fixed now.