Vampire hunting rules

I am a real vampire hunter. Me and my group of hunters have acualy killed vampires. Here are some rules you can use to become a vampire slayer
#1. Never confront a vampire unarmed. 
#2. Always hide your weapons. Make the vampire think that you are unarmed. 
#3. Protect your base(home) after you kill a few vampires you will start to gain a rank. Of course the higher your rank is the more your wanted. After 15 or so kills you will start to be attracted by hostile vampires.
#4. Stay quick.
#5. EXERSIZE! This is important. 
#6. Learn how to fight and shoot guns. 
#7. Be stealthy. 
#8. Have no name or make up a new one.
#9. Warning vampires are NOT affected by crosses garlic or sunshine.

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lemonie5 years ago
Which game are you playing?

Kiteman5 years ago
"After 15 or so kills you ..."

Will be locked up as an insane serial killer, after slaughtering innocent people under the delusion that they are fictional beings.

Why the smeg do we keep attracting these people??
#11 Ignore the naysayers. Get a bigger motor for the troll boat.
caitlinsdad5 years ago
#10 Register at the local bait and tackle shop for a valid vampire hunting license. You must pay the fee in cash, money order, or personal check with two forms of valid ID, no, your cousin cannot vouch for you. Be sure you understand the valid times for hunting vampires and when they are in season. Practice good sportsmanship or else the vampire activists will get on you.
Thrasym5 years ago
Why hunt them? They sparkle so pretty in the sunlight!
ChrysN Thrasym5 years ago
Good point!