Very Strange Error??!!

Ive began to receive some annoyingly strange error messages when trying to access hard drives/ removable media, the error message appears when trying to open it from 'my computer':

"Windows cannot find 'recycler\'. Make sure you typed the name correctly, and then try again. To search for a file, click the Start button, and then click Search."

Every time i try and open SOME of my storage it says that, when right clicking and clicking open it says:

Access is denied

Also when i go to 'Run' and type in
the very same message appears.

It has also somehow spread to another computer in my house, although the program (Edited by me) i think has caused this has not been ran on the other computer:
Click on
Could somebody check that out for me?? (ps3sixaxis_en.exe, other files *.vbs, ps3.exe are mine)

"" was also at one time on the processes list in Task Manager....

Also only some drives were coming up with this error but after a while they where too??

I have no idea on how to remove this and its beginning to get VERY annoying..

Thanks Kieran

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Spiider118 years ago
yesterday I got the same problem ! When I tried to open any partition it wouldn't open , so I reinstalled my windows xp sp2 but now when I tried to open the partitions I got this error msg: Windows cannot find 'RECYCLER\'. I searched the net for the cause of the error and didn't find a thing , but I think I found it and also fix it. The problem was a trojan rootkit. How to fix : step 1: get a good antivirus (kaspersky internet security 7 worked for me) step 2: open your windows partition with explore function( right click --> Explore) step 3: Go to : Tools-->Folder Options-->View tab and : -check "Show hidden files and folders" -uncheck "Hide protected operating system files" the apply and ok step 4: in your windows partition you will see an autoexec.bat ---> delete it !!! step 5: delete autoexec.ini !!! step 6: Go to RECYCLER and delete the files that have the extension .com step 7: repeat steps 5 and 6 for all your partitions step 8: restart you computer DONE! Hope this helps
110100101108 years ago
since it appeared in short time on the other computer it may well be a virus. be carefull to not infect other computers with it run an antivirus check as immediate tmporary fix try to boot a linux live disk and empty the recycle bin and temp folder etc manually (recycle bin is a hidden folder in c:\ and temp is in docs and settings for each user and in c:\windows) you can allways format and start over
k_man (author)  110100101108 years ago
A virus was found in a folder called c:\Windows\system32\drivers, ive just started over again with a new hard drive, and ive non stop problems with audio drivers not installing.. and i disabled it by accident and now its not showing up at all??!! (In device manager), i tried to do a system restore but the problem was still there, this problem never happens with a memory stick i use on any other computer, only this one! "Infection";"Trojan horse Rootkit-Agent.CT";"C:\WINDOWS\system32\drivers\gaopdxserv.sys";"";"1/26/2009, 11:35:37 PM" Getting viruses just toady in svhost.exe for some reason which is strange?
do you install something that may cause this ? (driver or software that you allways install right away without expecting a virus in it) is the computer connected to the inet before installing sp 2 ? donload the offline install of sp 2 or sp 3 (about 300 M) on another computer. move it there on a usb disk. install it before you plug in the net cable for the 1st time for the driver : delete it in the device manager and let windows detect it again. if does not work disable it in the bios and boot without it. then enable and boot with it again look in the site of the mainboard maker for drivers and not in generic driver sites i invite you to try linux :)
k_man (author)  110100101108 years ago
Well i did download Sp3 redistributable and installed that so i doubt its that, because its on another computer and there is no problem there(the recently infected computer has Sp2) The Audio devices is completely gone from device manager and its not even there anymore! I have the Motherboard disk.. I shal try linux now and delete the recycle folder, only one file left in Temp
recycle folder ? didnt you just format and install windows from scratch ? for the linux - i invite to try using it as complete os and not only as system rescue tool
k_man (author)  110100101108 years ago
Sorry Recycler Yeah i found a folder called "" So i deleted it.. but none of my games will work then.. :( the problem is still there i found that folder on all the drives!
now remove all the games from control panel. is the actual problem fixed ? if yes go to system restore and set a restore point does any of the games contain virus ? if no then install again and see if it works
k_man (author)  110100101108 years ago
I meant they would not work with Linux, tha same folder that was on my memory stick i deleted that too, and now there is no error coming up on that, but still on the hard drive, must be copied back to the same place. Do you know how to fix the driver problem?
To say none of your games will work with Linux may not be entirely true. Have a look at wine, and see if the games you have will work.
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