Vibrant green rug made from felt scraps

The folks over at Martha Stewart's craft department make a lot of things out of felt and thus have a lot of felt scraps left over. Kristin St. Clair had some free time and started a small project with the felt that turned into this crazy rug.

To make it yourself, cut up a ton of felt strips and start rolling them up, using fabric glue to keep it all together. Repeat, repeat, repeat, and add some other shapes along the way to keep it interesting.

I just FELT like crafting!

Picture of Vibrant green rug made from felt scraps
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I would love to make one, but i don't understand how to do it. could you please explain.  It's fab!
Oh-o.k, I found the instructions.  Thanks so much for sharing this
Where did you find the instructions? I dont really get it either...but would REALLY like to make one!
Gorfram7 years ago
I wonder, if you started with wool scraps instead, if you could using the felting process itself to felt them together?

Of course, you'd proabaly have to make something the size of an area rug to get a good-sized doormat out of it. But that'd get you something you could wash, even if only by the warm-water-stomp-in-the-bathtub method.

(Give me something to do with all those wool tartan mufflers I keep buying form the thrift shop, anyway... hmm.... off to go read up on felting...)
zeechan7 years ago
I love it! Very vibrant, design is funky, and this is just the use of leftover felt. Great craft!

I might want to try this out one day. ;)
hall4home7 years ago
 Love it.  How would you clean it?

SumGie7 years ago
It looks like Malachite.  Sweet.
ruthy nov7 years ago
I think sawing it instead of glueing would make it softer and more flexible. But glue is faster, so....
Thanks for the lovely idea - but if I have to buy the stuff it wouldn't be "scraps and leftovers" anymore, would it?
Very pretty and colorful, though!
dargenhara7 years ago
Funky!  Great idea =)
Lindie7 years ago
I really like that!  Great idea. :-)
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