Vice CKG Bolt Action Rifle

I haven't posted anything for a few months, and I decided to begin work on something that would blow everyone away.  My goal was to create the most efficient, most power, most versatile mag fed knex rifle ever.  I discovered a way to do that when I came up with the Bullet Transfer System (BTS) that you saw in my BTPA pump action rifle.  However, the BTPA had a several drawbacks.  The first was the size of it.  It was just way too big.  Second was that the ammo it shot was connector ammo, and would start spinning out very quickly.  Last was that the ram barely had any time to accelerate,  as the bullet was placed right above the handle.  I suddenly thought of a design that would solve these problems, quickly drew them out, and began work.  The result was the most efficient, versatile, and powerful mag fed gun ever made, the Vice CKG.  CKG stands for Compact Knex Gun, and I am truly proud if it.  The trigger is a variation of Zak's so I give him credit for that.  So exactly how efficient is this gun?  I was able to get 60+ feet with a string of two #64s with the long range round.  The yellow rods get around 50 feet, only because they spin out after a while, but with two #64s unsharpened yellows can go right through a box from a few feet away.  What's the secret to this incredible efficiency?  First off, the firing pin is a grey rod+a gray connector long, giving it that extra room to accelerate.  Second, the trigger is as far back as possible.  Third, the rods are placed as far away from the ram, giving it time to accelerate.  Finally, the BTS allows the bullet to stay in place with nearly no contact between the bullet and the gun.  

(I know that statement may sound a little bold, but I am very confident in saying it)

60+ feet range single shot with two #64s
50 feet range with yellows with two #64s
Extremely versatile (perfect for long and close range)
Looks great
15 yellow rod mag capacity
You will dominate the battlefield

Reload time (for me anyways)

This video is a little out of date, I have made some upgrades since it was made/

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The instructions are up just click my profile to view them.
I am going to attempt to build this if it works I will post instructions..
Please do. Go ahead and use these instructions to help you along:
Except it's nothing like the zkar.
Absolute fibs. Go away. XD
Slightly different trigger, different transfer system, different mag, different handle, different pin guide, literally completely different.
Nope, nope, nope, nope, and nope.
Unless you were talking about your own zkar ible, well then yeah it's basically the same thing. But you replied to the guy wanting to build the VICE with your ible to help him, and knowing how to build the zkar is not at all helpful for this gun.
I don't think you've built it before. I have. How would you even know?
I built it a while ago, it isn't that great. Just build the zkar. It uses tons of parts and doesn't actually perform any better.
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