Video Game Craft Patterns

Sprite Stitch is a neat blog devoted to turning classic video game scenes and characters into cross-stitch patterns.

Since that just means gridding them out and picking suitable colors, it's also a great resource for all sorts of projects: knitting, mosaics, or even LED art. Who doesn't want a Pac-Man scarf, a Super Mario Brothers tiled shower, or a glowing wall of Space Invaders?

Bookmark this one for future use. I'll be referencing it when we redo our bathrooms.

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westfw10 years ago
So in general, is there an application out there somewhere that will pick the best match of (standard) yarn/thread colors to a given 24bit RGB value from the web or a digital photo?
johloh westfw10 years ago
yup. i use pcstitch for my patterns. ive used it many many times for patterns and it nails the floss choices right on...ive been in the store looking at a color it said to buy and thinking to myself 'there is no way this is right'...and later on totally agreeing with it.
Try searching the web, because I know that there is a computer program out there that can generate cross-stitch patterns from digital photos, and it gives you all the colors for DMC floss that would be used for your desired picture. You can print out the pattern and everything. Try this for size: Maybe it's what you're looking for.
zachninme10 years ago
"I'll be referencing it when we redo our bathrooms."

Fire Mario on the hand towels -- for speedy drying!
I can't think of any more puns... so thats it.

I think having Mario on the bath towels in the frog suit would be super cute! :D
and the idea is born!! thanks for the idea, i LOVE it.

Frog Mario Bathroom Towels!

You're welcome! I love it too - the design is perfect! :D I really do need to take up knitting (learning, really, I'm awful still) or crossstitch.
that is an aaaaawwwesome idea. i will be doing that and posting it up on spritestitch when i get some time...brilliant!
zachninme johloh10 years ago
You're Mr./Mrs. Sprite Stitch? Cool! 1-up mushrom pillow cases might be another prospect...
Yay! Pictures FTW!
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