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I'm working on an instructable on how to turn a bicycle into a motorcycle. Does anyone think it would be a good idea to make a video instructable, rather than lengthy text?

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Kiteman6 years ago
It's not an issue of text, it's an issue of clarity and ease of following.

A project like you describe needs clear images, diagrams, labels, dimensions.

These cannot be provided in a video - it is far easier for other members to print out text and images to have them to hand while they work than it is to sit with a video screen beside you as you try to keep up with the action on the screen.

Video may seem to be easier for you as the Maker, but what happens when you look at the video afterwards and find you missed a bit, the light was poor or things went out of focus? You have to go back and do everything again!

With stills, you can check them immediately, and take the photo again immediately if required.

If there are parts of the job that are too complex to describe in text, then feel free to include a video for that step, but, as Eric says, videos are really for showing things that require movement in certain ways.
ctomasi6 years ago
Absolutely a good idea! I have wanted to do this myself but I realize it takes a lot more effort. If videos were the norm I'm sure this would quickly become one of my favorite sites.
Kiteman ctomasi6 years ago
You can already do videos, but the norm is to publish step-by-step instructables, as they are far easier to follow when you are recreating the project.
sunshiine7 years ago
I agree videos are better in many cases.  Let me give an example.  Sewing, embroidering, knitting, crocheting, cooking, cleaning and many others.  How about changing a tire or working on a car?   
mever10 years ago
I agree with crapfinger, both if you have time and you think people will understand your concept better. As for what to use to edit it, windows movie maker comes with windows and is fairly easy to learn. Personally, I like sony vegas. I stumbled across it when someone needed me to edit video for them and I had to learn how fast. Windows movie maker wasn't powerful enough to do the job but vegas was perfect for me. I dont see much software that makes it easy to do simple things and still has the power to do what you want to do. Its not free but i think there is a trial version. It blew my expectations out of the water so i recommend giving it a shot.
Punkguyta10 years ago
I tried to make a instructable and edit it with imovie, addind titles and text and some small special effects. Well the new version of imovie sucks because it uses too many resources just for the glossy interface and sliding effects when you move things around. Does anyone know if there is any good programs for mac that would pretty much replace the roll of imovie?
ewilhelm10 years ago
Use video for what video is best at (showing motion) and text and images for what they're best at.

We've been trying to do this in our Instructables TV stuff. Check them out here:
crapflinger10 years ago
for my 2 cents...i prefer BOTH to be available...if you have the time...that way you can read through the steps..and/or watch the video version...some dialup users might not be able to benifit from the video instructable as much...also...if at least the main complicated parts are can go back to those parts easier when you're trying the project for yourself...instead of having to figure out where in the video you saw that step..
seanmcdaneld (author) 10 years ago
i like final cut express its good for doing quick simple jobs easy to use
trebuchet0310 years ago
Go for it ;) Some things are more clear when the viewers can watch it happen ;)

Know any good video editing software? I'm trying to find something to do the same :P