Video and audio ads

We typically only allow ads to contain audio if the audio is user-initiated. Within the last hour, I noticed ads from Woolite, AirWick, and Lime Away with audio that started as soon as the ad loaded. I apologize for these, they should not be on the site. They are coming through one of our indirect ad networks, and I think I have stopped them (though it might take half an hour from now until the change takes effect). However, if you see any more, please let me know.

If you ever see ads that don't fit with our values, make a note of the URL they link to, and where they are coming from by looking for an "Ads by Google" or by looking at this Instructable to see which network is serving them:

Doctor What8 years ago
Thank god. You don't know how annoying it is when you go to a site, and you hear, "Congratulations, you just won a nintendo wii." I haven't gotten any of the audio ones here though.
lemonie8 years ago
I wondered about that (days ago) but thought I'd see if it happened again before complaining (it hasn't). Thanks for the update. L
xACIDITYx8 years ago