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This relates to the Halloween 2007 Contest. I'm making a fairly large (I'm calling it Mega) iBle for the contest, in the Decorations category, and wanted videos to go along with it, to help explain. Now, I have a pretty strong accent, and I am afraid that it might not be able to be understood by most of y'all. I figured I have three options with the video, either: A) I talk like I do, and hope y'all can make sense out of it. B) I try my hardest to enunciate, though that might sound as if I'm one of those computer voices. or C) I use text instead of my voice in the video. If y'all need sound clips, I could get them. Thanks, I'm just trying to make this my best one!

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crapflinger10 years ago
embrace your southern accent! be proud of it! it's part of who you are....and like others have said...just put in subtitles...that gives you a chance to make fun of yourself while making the videos "well ya see ya take this here whatchamajigger and ya cram it darned near down to the bottom of that thing thar" Subtitle- Insert tab A into slot B
Bran (author)  crapflinger10 years ago
Oh, I enjoy it, and it makes people have a good laugh, I just wasn't sure if it would cause a problem in the video, getting my point across-wise. Thanks for the reply.
John Smith Bran10 years ago
I could understand it...everyone here has a southern accent...i think the northerners make fun of us when they come down here in winter. (Okeechobee, Florida, home of great fishing.)
trebuchet0310 years ago
I agree with tool ;) If you think being yourself could cause issue -- add subtitles. You'll be yourself and help others understand your accent :p I've used a combination in the past (where audio was included in video). But, when audio wasn't part of the video - I only use subtitles due to my lack of a suitable microphone. My mic produces a nasty tinny sound that bothers the crap out of me :p
Bran (author)  trebuchet0310 years ago
Thanks, I'll have to experiment with my microphone - it's nothing to rave about though.
As I'm learning to understand as much accents as possible, I'd like to hear yours. So, subtitles would be great too :-)
Bran (author)  chooseausername10 years ago
Ok, accent and subtitles it is. Thanks.
its a lion10 years ago
use microsoft sam. go to control panel, speech. then type in what you want him to say. gives a Stephen Hawkings type sound to it. of course i vote you just talk like normal. going from the spelling up there ("y'all") it seems like you are from the south? i dont find the southern accent hard to understand. of course that could be because i have one myself... maybe subtitle it?
NachoMahma10 years ago
. Enunciate, without being mechanical, and you should be OK. . Avoid idioms. . Use subtitles, plus your audio, if the first item doesn't work.
Bran (author)  NachoMahma10 years ago
Avoid idioms.

Do mean talking like Yoda, or being redundant?

Use subtitles, plus your audio, if the first item doesn't work.

Should I talk while I record the video, or add narration later?

Thanks for helping out.
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