"View all steps" button isn't working

Since yesterday the "View all steps"-buttons are not working.
Page reloads, only the first step is visible.
Very annoying, all that clicking at the end of every step.
Mac OSX 10.6.8 -  Firefox 31.0

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tabjed2 years ago

same here...you can add "?ALLSTEPS" to end of the URL (But that's annoying).


Any response from Tech Support?


Kiteman tabjed2 years ago

Most of the staff don't work weekends.

JM1999 tabjed2 years ago

Same thing here!

xapa2 years ago

This started happening with me too.

Firefox 32.0.3

Ubuntu 14.04

Madouc442 years ago

It still happens to me under Firefox on Win8.1 . Thanks in advance!

Is there no answer yet or is it only us? :/ Thanks in advance

Kiteman2 years ago

Is this still happening?

elfbard Kiteman2 years ago

yes. I to have this issue. windows 7, FF 31.0

yes, it happen to me too, on Windows 7, FF 31.0. It works on Chrome, which is version 36.0.1985.143 m