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Hey guys, i have noticed a problem with view counts when you are logged into instructables and logged off. When i am logged on, my instructable * * has over 3,150 views and 14 favorites. When i am logged off, or someone else views the instructable and isnt logged in, the view count drops to 947 and only has 9 favorites. After refreshing a couple times the view count goes up to 2,144. And then if i log back in again, the view count is back to over 3,150. Whats going on here? 

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Jayefuu hoogen5 years ago
I think so.
Actually, I think it's two different counts. When you're not logged into the website, you get a cached version of the webpage. If you log in, you get the most updated information. It keeps the bandwidth down for the website and the servers loading as fast as possible. It creates confusion when you're comparing things logged in vs logged out (a comment won't show up for a while if you leave it, then log out to check to see if it's there). It's just a matter of waiting for the server to re-cache the website (which it does pretty often).
That's exactly what I was trying to say, just more eloquently written :D
Jayefuu hoogen5 years ago
You're welcome. Nice build by the way!
hoogen (author)  Jayefuu5 years ago
Thank you! Some time in February i am going to put my Raspberry Pi into it as well and have it so i can switch inputs and use it a "coffee table movie library" and Airplay stream videos to my apple tv and control everything with my wireless keyboard/touchpad. When i do that i am going to take a lot of pictures and write a step-by-step instructable.
Jayefuu5 years ago
You connect to a different server when logged in compared to logged out. These servers are updated periodically with the newest information so what you're seeing isn't a bug but a product of caching. Generally those that aren't logged in are the majority of traffic. It may also be a case of load balancing, less functionality on the busier servers (those that non-logged users use probably account for the majority of traffic).

That's my simple understanding of it anyway.
Jayefuu Jayefuu5 years ago
The difference between 947 and 2,144 both while logged out is probably because your session switched to a different server with newer cached data. At a guess. The logged in total will be the most up to date, but again, there are multiple servers for logged in users so it may vary slightly between them if you clear your cookies then log back in.
hoogen (author)  Jayefuu5 years ago
Thank you very much for the help, it cleared up a lot of questions!
hoogen (author)  Jayefuu5 years ago
thank you for the quick reply! so does that mean that my logged in view count of 3,200 is the "real" view count? And that the view count while logged off will eventually update and catch up?