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We just don't need a "View all Steps" button. No one uses dial up and most computers load fairly fast. I just want to see all the steps at one time; if I didn't I wouldn't click on that instructable. Please remove this button and keep it simple.


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Kiteman5 years ago
First time I've seen somebody asking for functionality to be removed from the site.

"No one uses dial up"

The most recent data I've found* says that 35% of Americans do not have access to broadband services, with (obviously) a preponderance of lower-income households - just the people who need access to Maker skills. Today, there are still 3 million Americans paying for AOL dialup.

In Canada, 16% of the rural population** cannot access broadband, and many more are unable to afford it, since broadband services in such areas often start at $30/month

One of this site's biggest user-nations is India - only 1% of households have access to broadband there. 90% of the population have no internet at all, and the rest are on dialup. That "rest" is almost 100 million people.

In continental Africa, the majority of internet access is via mobile devices, where access is charged by the second and by the kilobyte.

* 18 months old
** 6 month old data
F1FireKing (author)  Kiteman5 years ago
Kiteman: Umm, wow. That's a lot of info. Point taken, and I retract my previous statement.

Hack42Moem: I don't use this site enough to warent a pro membership, but thanks for letting me know thats an option.
Moem F1FireKing5 years ago
All it takes is a good Instructable that gets featured. That will earn you a three-month free Pro membership, and if it gets featured on the homepage, you'll get a year!
Meh, I was at a loose end, and it's the kind of thing I like to know.
Moem5 years ago
There's an easy way to view all of the steps without clicking the button: get yourself a shiny new Pro membership, and you can set your preference to always view all steps.