Viewing all steps by default?

Is there a way to set my preferences so that I can automatically go to the "all steps" view? I never view projects in the one step per page layout, and I'm tired of having to reload the page to get to the view I want, especially when I'm viewing several instructables at a time.

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Woot! 10 minutes of coding!

Here's the new version.

Bang away at it and see if there's still a problem. It now checks for the "id" tag and the "DISCUSS" text.

Well not really. But it puts the ?ALLSTEPS thingy into those instructables image viewer pages.

Andrew546 (author)  Aeshir10 years ago

&& (thisLink.href.indexOf("?size") == -1)

to the if statement will fix that.
Aeshir Andrew54610 years ago
Where do I add it?
Andrew546 (author)  Aeshir10 years ago
Add it to the if statement. See how there's two parentheses at the end of the if statement? Add it in between those two. (it would work anywhere within the if statement, but that spot is easy to explain.)

Instructables is going kinda slow for me right now and I'm having some weird stuff happen when I'm testing this change, so let me know if it works correctly for you.
(If i'm viewing an RSS feed of Instructables and I click the link to go to the full article it doesn't work.
What RSS reader are you using?
Opera. It has built in mail, RSS, widgets, IRC chat, tons o crap.
Can you create a modified RSS feed that auto adds the "?ALLSTEPS"?
Not that I know of.
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